My Teaching Studio Rules

The following are the rules of my teaching studio.
I absolutely love to teach, and I truly enjoy learning about my students as people.
Please understand that I’m running a small business, and I need to establish some concise
rules and regulations so everyone is on the same page. 

Length of Lesson Commitment
Lessons are grouped into 3-month periods. The student is obligated for 3 months at a time once they 
decide they want to take lessons from me. This is necessary in order to get a program established that will best suit the student’s needs 

Lesson Times 

  • I offer lessons in the following time packages: Bi-weekly (2 lessons a month), and Monthly (1 lesson a month)
  • The teacher and student will agree on a lesson time.
  • If the student or teacher needs to change the regular lesson day and time it must be worked out ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of the lesson.

** I understand that “stuff happens,” and we’ll work out whatever may come up. ** 

Lesson Fees 

  • ** Fees for the entire month are due on the First of the month ** 
  • Fees are $70 per lesson. I only teach 1 hour lessons 
  • You get a slightly discounted rate if you do more than one lesson a month. 

Vacation Absence Policy
If you’re going to be absent on vacation, I must get notice at the beginning of the month prior to when you go on vacation. For example, if you’re going somewhere from June 25 – June 30 I need notice by May 1st that you’ll be gone. If I DO receive notice you will not be charged for the time missed. If I DO NOT receive notice you WILL be charged for the time you were gone. Vacations are planned well in advance, and I need to know when you’ll be gone so I can plan accordingly. 


  • A student MUST give 24 hours notice. If they do not they will be charged for the lesson. For example, if you can’t make a 5 PM lesson on a Tuesday, I need to know by 5PM on Monday. 
  • If a student absolutely has to cancel, the lesson MUST be made up by the end of the month. If it is not made up the student will still be charged for that lesson. If a student has to cancel due to illness a time will be worked out before the end of the 3 month period for a makeup. 

*** As you know, I’m a working musician and sometimes last minute gigs come in. If I have to cancel, I will also be responsible for making up a lesson up by the end of the month. If I can’t make it up by the end of the month, you will owe for one less lesson the following month. ***