The AceTone Sessions

"The AceTone Sessions" is a video series Tim created to showcase his favorite musicians in a duo setting through playing and conversation. 

Episodes are listed in reverse chronological order.


 EPISODE 7 : Kenny Rittenhouse, trumpet 

AirDate June 10, 2021

Kenny Rittenhouse is a major contributor to the Washington, DC jazz scene. He's a gifted trumpet player, bandleader, fantastic composer and arranger, as well as a well-respected educator.

In this episode, we dig into my tune "Kenny's Groove," which I wrote for him, as well as Kenny's compositional offering "Waltz For a New Day." We finish off the music with Dave Brubeck's classic "In Your Own Sweet Way."

In conversation, we also talk about Kenny's process for composing, and how trumpet master Clifford Brown turned him from a casual listener into a deep practitioner of this music.

EPISODE 6 : Amy Shook, bass

AirDate March 11, 2021

Please welcome the fantastic Amy Shook!

Amy is one of the most in-demand bassists in DC area. She plays with everyone, and is a wonderful presence on the bandstand. When I play with her,  I’m reminded of the great drummer Billy Higgins. Billy radiated pure joy when he played, and I get that same vibe from Amy. Her wonderful spirit lifts any musical or hang situation. Combine that with a deep pocket and endlessly creative ideas, and you have a recipe for lots of fun.  

In this episode, she tells us about how she found the bass and jazz growing up in Idaho. She also talks about her incredible 3D Jazz Trio, featuring Amy along with pianist Jackie Warren and drummer Sherrie Maricle.  

And OF COURSE, we play some music! I wrote something called "Lilt," and Amy brought in a very fun tune called "Gate Check."  


EPISODE 5: Michael Kramer, guitar

Airdate August 14, 2020

In Episode 5, we talk about how Michael discover the guitar and improvised music. 
We also dive into talking about his upcoming new album, which was recorded in my home studio, AceTone Studios

As for music, we play a piece of his called "Dysphunktional," one of mine called "All For Naught," 
and we also explore the chord changes to an old'll have to guess which one it is. 

You can learn all about Michael HERE.

EPISODE 4 : Herman Burney, bass

AIRDATE August 20, 2018

In Episode 4, we talk about how Herman came to music, to the bass, and the ever-present inspiration of George Duvivier
We also get the scoop on what's behind his infamous social media response of "uh oh."  

We play his beautiful composition "Drizzle," 
as well as my composition I wrote for him guessed it..."Uh Oh!"      

You can learn all about Herman Burney HERE.

EPISODE 3 : Tedd Baker, saxophone

Airdate May 7, 2018

In this episode, we play a composition of mine written specifically for Tedd's soprano sax called "Bastogne." We also dig into Tedd's beautiful tune "One for Cedar," a tribute to the late master pianist Cedar Walton

In conversation, Tedd remembers growing up in the great music scene in Boston, and how his family influenced his musical upbringing. 
And, we get to hear about his exciting new album "Duos Volume 1" which is available now! 

Click HERE for more information about Tedd.

EPISODE 2 : Paul Pieper, guitar

Airdate June 2, 2016

In this episode, we play a tune of mine written with Paul in mind called "January Beginning," as well as Paul's fun and rhythmic "Manabí." 
The final tune is an older piece I wrote in 2004 called "Waltz for Someone." 

In conversation, Paul recalls how growing up in Washington DC shaped his musical life, 
as well as winning second place at the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Guitar Competition in 1995. 
We also talk about the great tradition of jazz in Washington DC, as well as his unique school The Jazz Workshop

Click HERE for more information about Paul.

EPISODE 1 : Zack Pride, bass

Airdate July 28, 2015

In this premiere episode, we play an older tune of mine called "For Chick,"  as well as Zack's piece "Khemit." 
The last tune is "Cedar," which I wrote specifically for this episode. It is dedicated to the late Cedar Walton. 

Zack tells us about how he discovered music and came to love the bass. 
We also remember the late Mulgrew Miller, and hear a CRAZY story about Zack meeting Charlie Haden on the streets of New York. 

Click HERE for more information about Zack.