The Living Room Sessions!

About a year ago, I began to brainstorm about unique ways in which I could showcase the amazing musicians that I’ve met since moving to Washington DC in 2010. Out of this, comes The Living Room Sessions. 

The concept is very simple. I invite a guest over to my house, set up a bunch of cameras and recording equipment, and once the equipment is set, my guest and I will play together in a duo setting.  After that, we’ll have a conversation so that you, the viewer, can get to know these great artists on a more personal level.

Then, I will edit the video, mix the audio, and create a unique episode for each guest.  I'm challenging myself to compose new music specifically for each guest that comes through the door, and we’ll also play a composition of theirs to round out the program.

Another thing that makes the project very exciting for me is the opportunity to combine the many creative avenues that I have interest in.  Of course, music is my first love, but I’ve also become very interested in multimedia, and this is a perfect way for me to explore that endeavor.

In today’s landscape, us independent musicians need to keep finding new ways to let ourselves be heard and seen. I hope you’ll take a few seconds and sign up on my email list below so you can enjoy this amazing new endeavor!